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About the project

Title of the project: “Development of PARCFILM SRL by PURCHASE OF EQUIPMENT”
Beneficiary name: PARCFILM SRL
The general object of the society is to develop through the acquisition of the best equipment that will lead to the creation of 3 jobs in the year of implementation and maintenance of 4 jobs for the entire sustainability period.
The specific objects of the project
1. Specific objectives are;
Increase annual turnover by 10% in the first 2 years
Increase in annual profit by 5%
Creating 3 jobs
Expected results:
Maintaining the 4 jobs (1 existing employee + 3 new places)
Increase customer vendors through recommendations.
Equipping the company with the best equipment in the field.
Start date: 01.01.2018
Implementation period: 01.01.2018-31.12.2018
Total value:1.183.494,88 Lei.
EU contribution: 719.230,16 Lei.
National Contribution: 126.922,97 Lei.

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Invest in your future!
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
through the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Program

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