• So Vlad, shall we do something nice today? 

Vlad is our colleague who is in change of supervising the filming equipment at Parcfilm, but more than this, he is the man with whom we are filming a great deal of our projects.

  • Of course we shall. Why not?

Certainly he said something just to not stay silent, because, truth be told, neither of us knew what we had to do in that day. 

Lately, more and more projects are assigned to us on the last mile. Nothing is vey clear until we arrive at the shooting location and we have to deal with everything on the spot.

So most of the time, it’s a wild guess. Thank God we have a lot of equipment on our shelves from which we can choose whatever we need.

So, “something nice” this time meant to get our hands on a box of Russian, vintage lenses (probably from the WW2 period), modded in a very ingenious way of the Ukrainians and sold at a considerable profit.

So how are they modded? First of all, the lenses are completely unfolded, cleaned and painted on their interior with a color chosen by the client (amber or blue).  Then, behind the diaphragm is drawn a line of thread which has the role of creating an horizontal flaire every time a source of light hits the lens.

And the horizontal flaire has the same color like the interior of the lenses.

An “anamorfake” (fake anamorphic lens), all in a civilized housing, ready to use in remote setups/ follow focus due to the addition of rings with teeth, both for focus and diaphragm.

And the diaphragm is declicked, the lenses have flight case with foam cut to size – a really professional pack, if I may say.

With this set of fake anamorphic lenses and a powerful projector from Aputure – C600 (a sharp and intense 600W LED) we managed to do a good job in a “portret testimonial” project at Alex Ciocan’s home – the president of the Romanian Cycling Federation. In this testimonial he invites all the people passionate about cycling and everyone who hasn’t already discovered the joy of watching a cycling tour to watch the Romanian Tour 2021.

Let’s see the final result:

Director: Tudor Hristescu

DOP: Vlad Anitei