Arri Alexa Mini LF, the new generation of the well-known Alexa Mini has entered the Parcfilm arsenal!

The basic design remains the same: compact and small. The difference is the module which is located on the left side of the camera body. In this module you can introduce the media for recording and more than this, you have 3 new buttons with setting by the user, as well as the recording one and the blocking of the functions one.

And the glass?!

No problem, Arri has just released the new Super 35 sensor crop mode update, which makes it compatible with all Super 35 lenses.

But you also have Arri WCU-4 ?
Of course!

We couldn’t help but pair our new acquisition with the legendary control system Arri, so for your next project contact us and come take a look. ?

We have left you below a link from others who are more diligent than us in case you are curious.


Aaah, and we almost forget to tell you something. Yes, we also have lenses that cover LF!

If you are curious to see what other toys we have, here is a link with all of them: