Mercedes – On the footsteps of the best

On the footsteps of the best.

After we had Audi as a client for a nice project with Tudor Chirilă, the next auto brand that we had to shoot for was Mercedes.

The Proximity Kaleidoscope brought us a project called “On the Footsteps of the Best” in the spring – summer of 2017 – a series of four films about the relationship between four normal people – but with beautiful stories – and four celebrities from Romania, who become mentors and filmmakers.

Here are Andreea Esca, Andi Moisescu, Catalin Stfanescu and Camelia Potec sharing stories about conductors and film music, horology, theater criticism and paralimpics.


For the car sequences we made a strategy that seemed infallible: we dreamed of shining Mercedes-like shoots passing through an empty Victory Way, on a Basarab bridge without any car on it and so on.

That’s why we chose the weekend of 1st June as a shooting day thinking that Bucharest will be empty for the next 4 days letting us freedom to move around the city. :)
But 2017 was the year when the critical point was reached: the city was a fleet of cars over the weekend as nobody knew that was national holiday. So instead of the grandiose shoots, we were happy with some nice details :)

We have some beautiful memories from this shootings, especially from Sibiu. Together with Dragoș – the horologist – we spent half a day in the church tower, near a clock mechanism. I used here a combination of natural light, a dedoLED 7 daylight and a smoke machine to get the desired light effects.


Mecanism de ceas, un DLED7 si un regizor in turla unei biserici.

The series was shoot with 2 cameras SONY F7, Metabones adapters and Carl Zeiss EF primes.

Parcfilm TEAM:
Director / DOP: Tudor Hristescu
DOP: Eduard Parvu
Production: Razvan Macovei, Razvan Cliza

Proximity TEAM:
Creative: Andreea Gavrila, Ionuț Pasolea, Laura Belc, Andreea Strachina.
Client service: Madalina Turbatu, Cristiana Stiuca, Andreea Popescu.
Strategist: Adi Hincu.