On December 6, 2013, on Saint Nicholas Day, I was with some friends in Pestera village, at Boiereasca house. The guesthouse is very well positioned and from all the terraces and balconies from where you can see the valley, you can see the entire panorama of Bucegi Mountains. And if you sit on the other side you can see Piatra Craiului, but you will see also some current cables, so you can not take pictures of anything good in that direction.

Although the yellow code was announced across the country for the mountain areas, I had teh good inspiration to take with me a Canon 6D and the Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 25mm f/2. Biutiful. And the device, the lens and the weather 🙂
That`s how things look like when you look at Bucegi:

Muntii Bucegi vazuti dinspre Casa Boiereasca, satul Pestera

A tree with clouds and mountains 🙂


The lights that are seen in the distance, reflected by the clouds, are from the cities of the Prahova Valley. Beyond the clouds is a cloud of stars and before taking the picture above I caught a few hours when you can see them very well. So i started a timelaps that kept from 22 pm until 5: 30 in the morning.

Here is a still when the sky was ok :

Stele deasupra Bucegilor vazuti dinspre satul Pestera

Starry sky on Dec. 6, despide the yellow code announced


Because is was -7 degrees outside, I was expecting the camera lens to slowly freeze, but I had similar experiences so this time I had a lens heater from Dew Not – http://www.dew-not.com/

Powered by a good battery, it can hold all night and protect the lens very well, it does not freeze. Cristal clear until 5 am ( I was amazed because it was the first time I used this solution).

Here`s the video (please, watch fullscreen at full HD resolution):


Music – Silent Strike – Alb // https://www.facebook.com/silentstrikemusic