Equipment rental prices

This is a list with Parcfilm’s equipments available for rental. The prices are in Euro, no VAT, for one day of rental. The minimum rental amount is 200 euro + VAT. For one week rental period we only charge 5 days. For more than 3 weeks... Read more

Ana Lesko – Inseparable

In a summer with a powerful sun, in a glade in southern Bucharest, where now there are probably villas, I set up a camp to shoot a beautiful video with Anna Lesko. Circuses with the mattress, the callbox and the installation that provided the... Read more

When Exarhu cooks, the world stops spinning around. Video recipes for drooling.

It’s true. No kidding. Every time I had to shot something with Razvan Exarhu, it was excruciating to stay behind the camera, while in front of me there were freezing wine glasses clinking and great food was cooked and, of course, eaten:)... Read more

SONY PXW FS7 Cameras

Starting with 2015, Parcfilm filled up the production & video acquisition area with two more cameras, that Sony just launched: PXW FS. Like any other people with a crush on video production, new equipment and launches, we were monitoring... Read more

Asphalt Freaks – a startup campaign promotional video

The summer of 2015 found Parcfilm really busy with a lot of shootings, video making and editing. But one project was one of the special ones as we never made a startup campaign video before. What was it all about? “Asphalt Freaks”... Read more