At the beginning of 2016 we are enjoying a new entry on the Parcfilm video equipment list – a mirrorless / DSLR camera cage from Wooden Camera.

Wooden Camera quick kit / cage

Wooden Camera quick kit / cage


The kit consists of a cage, a handle, a quick release plate, a 15mm rods support holder and of course the rods. Just about anything you want from a cage that protects your camera, also good for transportation or ground-shoot (accessory missing from any DSLR), countless mounting solutions for accessories (the cage and the handle and the side rod are full of holes for fastening magic arms, monitors, microphones, lavalier receptors, camera lights, etc.). Additionally, a 15mm rod can be fitted with a follow focus and a mattebox.

You can feel the quality of the materials from which the kit is made as soon as you put your hand on it.

_MG_2761 _MG_2762 _MG_2756

An advantage that makes this kit extremely versatile is that it’s adjustable in height: it can be adjusted for any type of camera, from small to large sized DSLRs equipped with battery-grip (Nikon D5, Canon 1DX etc or 5D, 6D provided with battery-grip).

Many details make this kit a “piece of art”, for example this small guide behind the plate that prevents the DSLR from moving left and right._MG_2765

The “roof” of the cage (the top on which the handle is mounted) attaches to the camera on its hot-shoe mount. And the lateral rod can slide up or down allowing height adjustments.



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