With the occasion of sponsoring TIFF 2017 (festival which I mentioned in the story about Tudor Giurgiu’s portrait video) Staropramen decided to make a series of clips in a campaign that revolves around the idea of ​​film, a special 2017 summer campaign.
“Impossible to forget for …” Andreea Vasile, Corneliu Ulici, Diana Cavaliotti, Dorian Boguta.
These four actors were invited to remember the movie that made a long lasting impression on them. The idea was to talk about the film but not to mention the name; to give suggestions, to describe scenes, to remember their experiences during watching film. Then, those who saw the videos within the campaign had to guess the name of the movie.
This was the first shoot in the newly established Parcfilm headquarters, where we also built a mini video and photo studio, perfectly suitable for this type of a job.