We put on a coat, beat the rain in the window, we do not start the air conditioning so often. It was over and summer 2015. And it was dear to us.

This article is about summer, a Gopro and a fun little clip made of fun, along with friends and family, during a pool party. The kind of combination that resulted in many clips I made on my travels around the world, whether they were pleasure or jobs.

The ease of use of the GoPro camera and the endless and ever-growing list of capabilities make a lot of “toys” that you can do with it.

We also have such a toy here: an afternoon of jumping in the pool. I was in Greece, Lefkada, and some days were too hot to go to the beach, so everyone was in the shade or around the pool until it cooled off.

This is the result of one hour of shooting and one day of editing (to watch the HD video, click on the wheel and choose 720 or 1080):


Shot on GoPro Hero 4 – Black Edition.
Settings: 120 fps, Full HD, Protune ON, profil imagine – FLAT.
Special thanks:
Alexandru, Oana & Dani Florescu, Andrei, Miriam & Sonia Velicu Dordea, Toma Ceausescu, Sofia Madan, Ruxandra, Dan & Ion Hristescu.

shot and edited by Tudor Hristescu.
Music: Good Vibrations – Beach Boys.