July 13, 2016, Floreasca Garden.

We film all day long in full sun for Nalu Underwear, a minimalist underwear, a Romanian brand that wants a simple, minimalist graphic video in which the focus is not on the product but on the atmosphere. A “concept” video.

In the morning of the shooting day, we saw that we are both dressed in white linen shirts.

Cu remote controller-ul de la Phantom 3 in brate. Filmarile s-au pierdut. Card failure.

With a Phantom 3 remote controller in my arms. The shooting was lost. Card failure.


A carefully researched location with a few days before and which, at first glance, didn’t offer to much, proved to provide us some very interesting corners and angles that we tried to play to best emerge the required atmosphere by the customer.

So we played and filmed a whole day at Floreasca Garden, helped and inspired very much by the presence of Maria Balan. A very cute, cheerful and cooperative girl who stoically bore the powerful sun with the shooting team and consequently, got a beautiful red tint on her shoulders. Thank you very much Andrei Oana for color correction;)


By the pool, Gradina Floreasca

By the pool, Floreasca Garden

The director, the DOP and the model :)

The director, the DOP and the model 🙂

Andrei Oana holding tight to the Sony FS7 camera

Andrei Oana holding tight to the Sony FS7 camera


I filmed a lot with the drone too. DJI Phantom 3 Professional has once again proved to be a reliable device during filming. Not the card, though. As a result of the filming, the card made errors on all the computers that were tried, and even the data recovery companies did not manage this problem. So I left without a remarkable set of aerial filming. The swimming pool at Floreasca Garden, the beds around it and the entrance alley formed some special patterns that we caught in the slow motion but all this was in vain. It’s somewhere buried and coded in a mysterious and indescribable way on a 64Gb Sandisk Extreme Pro card. C’est la vie.

The filming took place under the careful guidance of producer Ilinca Nanoveanu, who also mounted the material in record time, considering that we filmed only two days before launching the site and the product.

The customer was very cooperative: she came up with ideas and plenty of water, both useful.

That’s it, we invite you to watch:

The video was shot on the camera that we have been using more and more often – SONY FS7 – which we paired with the beautiful Zeiss premiums from Parcfilm.

Client: Nalu Underwear (Sonia Micu)
Producer and editor: Ilinca Nanoveanu
Director and invisible aerial filming: Tudor Hristescu
Imagine director: Andrei Oana