Along the invitation to make a presentation movie for Piatra Online, we were also invited to see the showroom of this mega stone distributor. 
From where I thought it would be “just another corporate film,” everything turned into something more exciting. I had never imagined how well a stone showroom could look like and what uses the stone could have in design matters.
This is where all the inspiration for the film came.
Trying to find a more spectacular presentation of the various corners of the showroom, I first thought of a time-lapse; I would have liked to see the sunlight passing around the walls or the various stone constructions. But in many places the sun didn’t shine, and even if it had, it would have meant losing at least half a day for each sequence, which was not realistic in the context of the budget, of course.
So we invented a mobile sun! A high power HMI projector on a dolly created the illusion of sunshine through the various spaces described.
We added a bit of animated graphics, a powerful message elaborated by the creatives from the agency and … voila:


Director: Tudor Hristescu
DOP: Andrei Oana
Montage: Alexandru Capatoiu
Graphics and animation: Ana Dobrescu