David Popovici, our freestyle swimming world champion, was only 17 years old in June 2022 when he won the gold medal at the 100- and 200-meter senior competitions in the world swimming championships held in Budapest.

David has been sponsored by Edenia since 2021, so we have been filming a series of very nice TV spots with him and Robert (Glinta), on the topic of nutrition, of course. One set of commercials was for Edenia smoothies and another for the “ethnic” products.

What’s great about this whole story is that we got to meet and film David even before he was really famous.

How did we end up filming in Budapest?

The news that David won the two medals electrocuted Romania very quickly with a pleasant thrill; as if we hadn’t felt such pride in a long time.

And obviously: client, agency, production house, we started a spontaneous agitation – “we have to film something with David, urgently!”. Then I proposed a quick departure to Budapest, in a restricted formula. In a single day we proposed, made the budget, approved and left for Budapest. Yes, that’s how things work at Parcfilm 🙂

The shooting went very well, with a very relaxed and fluent David Popovici, in front of the camera.

Once back at the office, the edited material suddenly turned from social media material into a TV spot.

Vlad Anitei – director / operator
Daniel Eremia – production coordinator