I like writing, especially about the new things that we are doing at Parcfilm: new filming ideas, new video equipment, or an unusual approach to a project, as was the case here.
This is not a new project, it is actually two years old, but its applicability is still valid today.

We were just getting acquainted with Publicis for a series of shoots for Winston, when a new low budget request came in: what solutions can we come up with in order to go around the country with Lari Giorgescu and shoot a considerable amount of films with a touch of interactivity (the user chooses the route that the character takes)?

A lot of content to make with a small team. Ok, it’s not the first time. But how do we make the team even smaller?
And then, the idea hit us: we remove the operator, we get Lari to film himself using a 360 camera.

What’s the deal with these cameras?

The main concept is that they can capture a total visual field, spherical, and afterwards we can choose exactly the piece of the image that we want to use.
For example, the actor (that is holding the camera himself on a sort of selfie stick) talks to the camera as if he were talking with the viewer and showing him what he sees. There’s no need to turn the camera lens – we do that in postproduction.

That, and many other tricks that can be made using a spherical image.

Thus, for such a project you need camera batteries, and a sound engineer that is well hidden 🙂

From such a road trip you return with a lot of content and with… photos on film done by Simona Dinca, at that moment working account at Publicis, that had the kindness to share them with us for this article.