This article is about a fun application I discovered in 2012 that allows you to make timelapses on different topics.

Her developers say, “Take a picture of yourself every day. And then make a movie with your face.”

So Everyday is not a common timelapse application, but a story you can tell about something’s evolution over time. It is an application that urges you to take a picture of a thing every day, and then put together these pictures and make them a movie in which you see the evolution of the topic you have chosen.

It may be your face – especially if you decide to leave your hair long (look, I already started to leave my hair long and I didn’t start using it and I’m sorry). Or beard or mustache. Or you want to see how a plant grows. Or how the seasons change in front of the house.

This is what I chose to do: over the course of a year (from October 2012 to October 2013) I made every morning (in which I remembered) a picture on the bathroom window. Although the application allows you to display some guides to use in repositioning the subject – to be identical to the previous day – I searched for a corner of the window to support the phone.

Even so, it still does not come out perfect – but if you really want a perfect thing you call professionals like Parcfilm, you will not get a $ 2 application 🙂
For example, the clip below is passed through Premiere and is slightly stabilized. And a frame blending 🙂 Other effects I did not apply.

Other defects of the final result are given by the lighting differences from one picture to another. One day it is sun, another one it is not; at the end a stroboscopy appears which can be a little disturbing. But for an application that only promises you a funny look at the passage of time I find it sufficient.

Of course, there are many better applications dedicated to timelaps. And newer, from iOS 8 onwards, every iPhone has a built-in timelapse feature. But this application is about something else: you make one picture a day, a week or a month, and then you put them together. I have not encountered any other application that knows how to do this.

So if you want to have fun, do this thing for a year and something like this will come out:
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It’s interesting how I came up with this app: I happened to come across the site of some American filmmakers – Sandwich video . But not boring movies as you especially meet us, but funny, inventive stuff; I fell in love with the way they think of their films (it also works as a kind of creative studio – that is, they come with the proposal to the client). I started to look at them and found a lot of cool products that I advertise. One of them is this app that can be downloaded from the App Store .