A number of very nice and enjoyable jobs were the Antena1 tv channel ID series we made through Headvertising agency.

The intention was to see the stars of Antena 1 (Pepe, Mihaela Radulescu, Ovidiu Ioanitoaia, Mircea Radu etc.) in situations where you would never see them, so they all play roles of puppeteers – actors, firemen, rugby players or characters who run to push a car left over.

The client’s desire was to make the ads come out of top quality, so we co-opted one of the premium Romanian publicity team – Radu Muntean / director, alongside Tudor Lucaciu / DOP. But the budget was not as “super-quality”, so we had to thank 16mm film. Yes, those were the times when the ads were made on the film 🙂

Also, the resolution was a very small one at that time when we archived the footage. So – tragedy – we can only see them at a bitter resolution of 384 x 288. Sorry about that.


Antena 1 channel ID – Rugby
Antena 1 channel ID – Firemen
Antena 1 channel ID – Car
Antena 1 channel ID – Theatre


Client: Antena 1
Agency: Headvertising
Director: Radu Muntean
DOP: Tudor Lucaciu
Production directors: Razvan Cliza, Vlastimir Milanovic
Producer: Tudor Hristescu, Parcfilm
Filmed on 16mm.