This is a micro-documentary I really enjoyed making while sailing with the boat from one island to another in the summer of 2014.

Greece is a great place to do that as it has so many islands and you can actually choose an infinity of paths to visit them. By the end of a one week trip you can hardly remember all the places you’ve been 🙂

There isn’t much to do on a boat, when sailing. You just look at the sea, dream of the next isolated gulf that you’ll have just for yourself to take a bath, and think of the landscapes you’ll see in the evening, when stopping on the next island.

You read, you look at the sky and the sea, you just relax. You are away from everything. Most of the time you cannot use your mobile phone, and that is a bless.

Endless sea

Endless sea


So I had this opportunity to catch the atmosphere on a boat when sailing. I really wanted to talk to all the people on the boat and ask them how they feel about the trip, what are their expectations, what do they think about when planning on going sailing as a holiday.

People are different: some like to read, some like to just feel the wind and watch the sea, some like to bath, some of them just like the ideea of traveling with a boat… But altogether there’s a nice feeling.

So come and join the feelings of the people on this boat. What do you think about when sailing?


Director, DOP: Tudor Hristescu
Camera: Canon 5D MK III
Lens: Canon EF 16-35 mm f/2.8 II USM