It’s true. No kidding.
Every time I had to shot something with Razvan Exarhu, it was excruciating to stay behind the camera, while in front of me there were freezing wine glasses clinking and great food was cooked and, of course, eaten:) I’m not kidding. Look, there is this story, from 2014, with Razvan and Adi Hadean.

Well, let’s not complain that much, actually it’s pretty cool! You’d say, for instance, that toast is easy; well, Razvan is an artist and, along with the rest of the artists at Parcfilm, they make something impressive out of it all; not only the toast looks sensational, but tastes incredible, something everybody in the team agrees on. After each recipe, during a well-deserved break, we make sure to eat pretty much all Razvan has cooked. What we can see in the final edit is not a fake!



So, what was it about? We gathered all – a small team in a large kitchen. Razvan brought many bags with ingredients, we also brought many equipment trollies and each of us did his job the best he knew. We laughed, we shot some more, we ate.

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This article is about some recipes, the result of a long shooting day. But there were others too. So many more recipes are on the way. What we are left with, in the end? With the feeling that out of the simple action of washing a lettuce salad can come out something beautiful and warm. Long live slow motion and the beautiful voice of Razvan Exarhu.

For those who want a full experience, here is a complete list of all recipes we shot that day.