Parcfilm produced for Raiffeisen Bank (Agency: Rogalski Damaschin) season 2 of “Money Bistro” – a Romanian web series about financial education.

The subject was approached in a casual, fun and natural way by director Germain Kanda. Considering the nature of the subject, it’s not at all what you’d expect from from a show on economic subjects.

With actor Andi Vasluianu in a leading role, we will watch the daily issues of a normal family struggling to keep up with the challenges of a married couple with two kids.

A lot of work and passion from Parcfilm’s production team in organising this shooting. This is what came out of our postproduction unit:

Client: Raiffeisen Bank
Agency: Rogalski / Damaschin
Director: Germain Kanda
DOP: Andrei Oana
Producer: Andreea Tanase
A/V Producer: Ilinca Nanoveanu / Flota
Editing: Alexandru Capatoiu
Camera: SONY FS7 & Sony FS5, Carl Zeiss CP.3 and Carl Zeiss photo primes