This article is supposed to be the introduction to the more elaborate one made on Malaysia’s beaches and nice resorts of Pangkor Islands. But it’s written afterwards, as it was more fun to deal with nice sunsets and tropical night timelapses than with tea-leaves and water-drops in the tropical forest 🙂

So, this was the beginning of the 2014 January’s winter vacation in Malaysia: after arriving in Kuala Lumpur and staying for 2 days, the next thing to visit was Cameron Highlands, a cool place in the mountains (aprox 1700 m) where you can find many tea plantations and all kind of “farms” – butterfly, bees, flowers, strawberry, lavender farms go on and on for kilometers along the road that leads to the main tea plantations of the area.

The main attraction of Cameron Highlands are, of course, the never ending hills covered with tea bushes. You experience an intense feeling of serenity walking among the green bushes. If you are lucky enough (I wasn’t) to get some sun rays, then everything will be very close to perfect. The bushes show different nuances of green and they spread for thousand of square meters all around you. Getting lost on the small path among the bushes is the best thing you can do for an hour or two while wondering on the hills as far as possible from the tourist eager to take photos of every… thing.

Well, I was one of those tourists, too:)
Carrying a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, a Canon 5D Mark III and a heavy tripod, I tried to find nice spots to get some clean perspectives over the tea plantations. I mostly used the Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 2/100mm, but also the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM.

To get to the tea plantations we took the hard way – a path through the tropical forest. At one point the forest transforms in what they call “The Mossy Forest”. So, although in the video the Mossy Forrest is illustrated after the tea plantations, I filmed there first. Good thing the 5D is weather sealed and the lenses too 🙂 The humidity is huge in these forests.


I used two different music tracks for the video:
The film begins with a traditional Malay song “Warisan Gamelan Melayu – Perang Manggong”.
The following song is performed by a Romanian electronic band called Silent Strike. The song is called “Primavara” (Spring).
I invite everyone to listen to their tracks here: