The idea of promoting a Romanian start-up was always more than welcome at Parcfilm!

Triathlon Series is a board game, produced 100% by a Romanian team. Design, concept, promotion, the whole package. Really cool. To make it short, in the game you are a non-professional triathlete struggling to find the time for training and steady your mental and energy state to be as ready as you possible can for the race. You can’t make it every time, it’s just life. You had an annoying meeting at the office, you had a little too much to drink (Aperol, of course) or you just fell and had an injury. It’s just life, as I was saying.

This board game assumes you have within you the necessary power to stand up and win a competition. With every training, you become a better you and each intelligently measured drop of energy helps you answer the challenge to overcome the others and, most of all, overcome yourself.

OK. Now put all these in a short movie.

It was shot in the improvised Parcfilm office, during a long and cosy evening, among friends, getting smoked with a smoke machine and, when it didn’t want to function anymore, with plain cigarette smoke.  Right. We were shooting a movie about a sports board game, I know!:)

The biker doesn't seem to be working enough :)

The biker doesn’t seem to be working enough 🙂


Along with the four friends that form AfterRace team, we made fun calling ourselves “agency” and client”, when indeed they are both: the creative team and the beneficiary. And even family:)

Alex, our main character was…  epic! After heavily and naturally sweating in the neoprene costume, when we shot the first sequence, we took care of this and watered him for the rest of the movie!:)
He is another good friend, Alexandru Popovici and is the first in our group to get really serious about sports, long before the virus got to the rest of us. Alex inspired this passion to Andrei, one of the creators of the game, and transformed him in a “sports addict”; Alex is complaining now to have created a monster:) And in the meantime, the “monster” invented a board game!:)


Why is there a slipper? Watch the teasers for Triathlon Series board game!

Why is there a slipper? Watch the teasers for Triathlon Series board game!


The smoke machine was really diligently actioned by the other brain of Triathlon Series – Cristian Catalin. He was the one who, when the smoke machine refused to make smoke, brought out the cigarette pack and made smoke for the final shots in the movie. Cristi is also the first Romanian game designer that became a member of Spiele Autoren Zunft (SAZ), the European Professional Organisation that brings together game designers from 19 countries.


That’s all folks, as they say. Soon we’ll have a post about the teasers we made. Until then, you can buy the board game from After Race website, it doesn’t look bad at all.

In the end, let’s talk some technicalities:
AfterRace team: Andrei Dordea, Cristian Catalin, Ema Catalin, Ruxandra Hristescu.
Direction, DOP, camera: Tudor Hristescu.
Camera: Sony FS7 & obiective Carl Zeiss (50, 85, 100mm macro).
For the top light, I used a new 120 cm long led lights board, with soft box and grid.
Edit and color correction: Alexandru Capatoiu.

PS: I mentioned in the beggining of the article, other start-up movies we made. I was talking about Asphalt Stickers. You can read more about their story here.