This winter I set a new target for myself.

Unlike the usual times (when I used to carry a lot of equipment for the holiday films I like to make whenever traveling to some nice place), this time the challenge was to create a film using the smalles equipment possible: my phone (iPhone6) and a small action camera, the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition.

When you set such challenges you discover shortly that you can get a nice film by using the right accessories and by exploiting the right features of the equipment. For example, I was very curious to know how the new timelapse feature of the iPhone is working. I wasn’t even aware that the resolution is a full HD one, so you get nice and clean 1920×1080 timelapses.

Regarding the GoPro, I chose the Black version because it offers those beautiful 120 frames per seccond @ full HD resolution. The iPhone can also do slow motion now, even some spectacular one, but… considering the safety of the equipment and the accesories I already had I just prefered to use my GoPro camera when filming on the slope the action sequences. The camera is better protected in its case and I could also use some grip accesories – the pole mount, the flat and curved ashesive mounts for snowboard and helmet etc.

Holding the GoPro on the pole mount.

I’m taking a break. Holding the GoPro on the pole mount.


Regarding the places and the subject:

I’ve been traveling to Solden and Zillertal area in Austria. Both regions are renowned for their slopes. And the views are hard to forget, too 🙂

Something nice to look at. In Solden

Something nice to look at. In Solden


In Solden the skiing starts from 3 different peaks which are over 3000 meteres. They’re called “The Big 3”. People stop and take tones of pictures. And I’m just one of them, thank you pano-feature of my phone.

One of the BIG 3's

One of the BIG 3’s


Things are not so bad in Zillertal, too. The road from my accommodation to the slope took me to some beautiful places.
It’s one of those times when you say “thank you for the fog”.

Thank you for the fog. And the sun. And for being here.

Thank you for the fog. And the sun. And for being here.


The film consists mainly of some timelapses I made in both areas – Solden and Zillertal – and some action shots I made with my friends on the slope. I attached the camera on a ski-pole and asked my actors to hold the pole in front or back. For the snowboarding shots I simply held the camera in one hand. It’s not the greatest solution when you want to get a larger picture of yourself but I didn’t want to carry a pole with me, I admit it 🙂


A shot with the GoPro while making a timelapse with the iPhone on a GorillaPod.


Checking out the camera; everything fine?


For holding the phone in the timelapse positions I made a lot of use of the Shoulderpod S1 adapter. It’s a very useful accessory, you can use it both for an easyer hold of your phone or for attaching the phone to a tripod. Not expensive. Just that it takes a lot of weeks to travel from Spain to Romania, I don’t know why. Well, “asi es la vida” (thank you google translate for the Spanish version of “Cést la vie”).

The Shoulderpod S1 was fixed on a Gorilla Pod, the one that was partially eaten by the wild boar when I was in Malaysia – you can see the film here. I still use it although one leg is a little bit shorter. I’m still waiting to be really pissed off by this thing before buying a new one.

Well, this is the story. The music is “Gramatik – DreamBIG”. You can listen to them here. And this is the video: