We’re talking about Robert Glinta, one the best Romanian swimmers at the moment, and “glintaforgold campaign powered by Edenia. Robert is training hard to obtain his golden dream – the gold medal at the 2020 Tokio Olympics.

Thus, in a super summer day we a super man with a super story. For a super photo session.

Fior this outdoor and indoor photo session we have been contacted by We Are Sports (wearesports.ro) in order to obtain the necessary footage for #glintaforgold capaign.

For the outdoor pictures we had at our disposal a large section of the Dinamo pool, so we spent there a few hours, side by side with a really fast-swimming Robert. A very enthousiast, funny and determined guy.

For the indoor photo session we moved inside in the Parcfilm studio. This is what came out of it, all the pictures were of course integrated in the campaign layout:

robbie1 (slide 11)

robbie2 (slide 8)