Whenever I passed by Petrobrazi I was impressed by the petroleum refinery. Furthermore, during dawn or during night time, when you get closer to Ploiesti’s M25 (get it, Londoners? 🙂 ), the scaffoldings’ lights form an astonishing technological Christmas Tree. It’s the kind of thing that produces the ‘wow’ effect in anybody. 
I was constantly thinking how to shoot this place: I was dreaming about drones that fly over the plant, long range time-lapses at dusk, etc. 
Coincidentally, I was soon contacted by Graffiti BBDO to do a project about Health and Safety procedures on a Petrom plant. 
The approach was natural, lacking the rigidity of classical corporate films: we did long interviews with people, inviting them to tell us about the things that are important to them, the reasons why a man would like to return to him home, safe and sound.
I have heard many beautiful and exciting phrases; you get cool stuff when you ask people to talk about themselves, what they know, what they want and dream about. What remained in the film is only a small piece of the puzzle:



Director: Tudor Hristescu
Camera&image: Alexandru Mihai
Editing: Alexandru Capatoiu
Animations : Ana Dobrescu