The year 2016 began gloriously for Parcfilm, with four tv commercials for OTI.

But first, who is OTI? Well, we have a house full of stuff from “OTI” brand and we do not know 🙂

OTI is  selling household products, so it’s almost impossible not to have a garbage bag, a sponge, a mop, paper tissues etc. from them.

So they decided to build a brand communication campaign through a funny strategy thought by Infinity Solutions.

When I first read the scripts … first I laughed (in a good way) and then I thought it is a bit daring – as a message – and quite difficult to interpret – for the actors. When the first casting tests came, we knew clearly who to choose: Alexandru Stratulat – the child, Abadiu Stefana and Dan Burghelea- the mother and father.

Dan Burghelea repetand rolul din spot.

Dan Burghelea repeating for his role.

Creatia si regia la lucru! Copiii isi vad de treaba lor :)

Alexander also played the role of the child in almost all of the casting tests.


As I said, there were four tvc, which we listed here as they were launched. I gave them names other than those they were released, exactly on the scenario idea, like “what we’re talking about when we’re not actually talking about …”

I added pictures from each tvc.

1. Despre ce vorbim cand nu vorbim despre prezervative


Despre ce vorbim cand nu vorbim despre femei


And some making of pictures from this tvc:

Tudor Hristescu repetand cu Dan Burghelea si copilul Alexandru

Tudor Hristescu repeating with Dan Burghelea and Alexandru.


3. Despre ce vorbim cand nu vorbim despre sex






4. Despre ce vorbim cand nu vorbim despre sex (de alt fel)

La filmari in bucatarie

Filming in the kitchen

Stefana Abadiu, in pauza interpretarii unui rol destul de dificil.

Stefana Abadiu in a break. She had a difficult role.

That’s all falks!

George Tomescu, Stefana Abadiu, Dan Burghelea si Tudor Hristescu

During filming for the tvc.


Client: OTI – Lucia Dinca & George Tomescu
Agency: Razvan Mihai, Virginia Zeca & Minodora Igescu
Parcfilm production team :
Producer & director: Tudor Hristescu
DOP: Andrei Oana
Edit, graphics: Alexandru Capatoiu
Scenography: Andreea Patriche

Equipment: SONY FS7 & Carl Zeiss lens.