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Qreator Qollection
Blog, Our shootings' stories
Parcfilm has produced for Ogilvy / Hogarth a series of portraits or mini documentaries under the name of "Qreator Qollection". Client: Iqos. These video stories are about...
Available lens list
Equipment reviews
Parcfilm has a wide variety of lenses suitable for any type of job, from video to photo. The complete list of equipments and prices can be found here. This is just the list of...
LEE Filters. Let's test the filters!
Equipment reviews
There was a time when we filmed quite often on the movie; for those who started to become acquainted with the industry only after 2010 those times seem like fairy tales, but they...
Time lapse shootings - Parcfilm
Blog, Our shootings' stories, Timelapse / Constructions evolution
Parcfilm has been involved in many time lapse shootings along the way, meaning the capturing of long-lasting events through photos taken at smaller or larger intervals and then...
Slow Motion - Vama
Blog, Our shootings' stories
What you will see here is the first use in Romania of the new Phantom 4K GS camera capable of shooting at 4K resolution up to 1000 frames per second. Cool, right? It all...