In Bucharest, it makes no sense to mention how cool Carturesti Carusel store it is. Anyone who has passed there is clear about it. The perfect place to spend a few hours in peace, with a book, music, a movie and then a snack and a beer on the top floor, while browsing an album or a book.

The project “Beer, music and stories” comes to capture exactly this atmosphere. A collaboration between Staropramen and Carturesti that turned into a series of discussions, suites between people who knew each other or not: opinion trainers, artists and cultural people – engaged in nice discussions about elections, new and old, possible and impossible, about what is (or may be) better, what represents us, alarms us, makes us stronger and motivates us (and here I quoted the site, the client of this project).

The story here is part of a long series of collaborations with the digital agency V8 Interactive.

And here are just a few clips from those that came out on the doors of our factory:






Director / Producer: Tudor Hristescu
Editing: Alexandru Capatoiu
A Parcfilm production for V8 Interactive 2017