At the same time as the station IDs we produced for Antena 1, we also did some intros for all kinds of programs: Series / Motion picture, Advertising, Entertainment etc. This time we worked with extras and not the TV station presenters. Same client as before, same agency – Headvertising, but another team: Marian Crisan – director, Tudor Lucaciu – DOP.

We remember once more with a tear in the corner of the eye the times when we shot on film. And another tear because the archive resolution is just SD – 720 x 576.

Please enjoy the following TV program:

Carton Antena – “Urmeaza”


Carton Antena – “Publicitate IN”


Carton Antena – “Publicitate OUT”


Carton Antena – “Film serial”


Carton Antena – “Film artistic”


Carton Antena – “Divertisment”


Client: Antena 1
Agency: Headvertising
Director: Marian Crisan
DOP: Tudor Lucaciu
Production manager: Razvan Cliza, Vlastimir Milanovic
Producer: Tudor Hristescu, Parcfilm
Filmed on 16mm.