In a summer with a powerful sun, in a glade in southern Bucharest, where now there are probably villas, I set up a camp to shoot a beautiful video with Anna Lesko.

Circuses with the mattress, the callbox and the installation that provided the water for the artificial rain, stayed with us for the whole day. To complete this wonderful day, the weather smiled at us and it rained. Plus, we felt good also because the sun burned us a little.


The digital cameras just came out, so we didn’t had a high class equipment. Still, we have some memories at a small resolution:

Bild9727 Bild9731 Bild9739 Bild9740 Bild9720 Bild9725 Bild9726 

Directed by Andreea Paduraru
Image: Tudor Mircea
Filmed on 16mm film