Time lapse projects

Parcfilm has been involved in many time-lapse projects along the way, meaning the capturing of long-lasting events through photos taken at smaller or larger intervals and then their editing in video sequences of just a few seconds.

At first everything was just a passion – the great joy of seeing how many hours of time passing can be seen in just a few seconds. Many kilograms of equipment carried in the backpack through vacations, evenings and days spent guarding the cameras that quietly performed their activity. That’s how projects like the following appeared
Time lapse the People’s House (Parliament Building in Bucharest)
6 o’clock in Bucharest in front of the People’s House
Malaysia time lapse
Singapore time lapse
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Slowly, this kind of execution has also found its place in Parcfilm’s commercial projects, becoming a visual condiment for documentary projects or image films. A time lapse can give a pleasant feeling about a certain place and introduces you to the general atmosphere.

So we introduced time lapse in more and more movies (generally without being requested by the client, as a bonus offered by us) such as:
The documentary about the Bucegi Mountains,
Staropramen image film “People and tastes
The “Taste of Romania” series made for Vodafone, with Adi Hădean and Răzvan Exarhu.
And more :)
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Then the job became even more serious. Parcfilm started to be hired for specific time-lapse projects, namely the execution of works that were to be introduced in clips made by other production houses for important clients such as Telekom, BAT or Vodafone for which we made a whole series of time-lapses at the following spots (the starting seconds from each spot):
Vodafone Supernet – E bine
Vodafone #DaruiesteBucurie – Tableta
Impreuna gasim solutia. Esti Ready Business. Vodafone
Cartela Vodafone – Spiridusul Cladirii
Vodafone Supernet – Weekendul de nelimitat

In the last years we have specialized on a particular slice of this type of execution, namely time lapses of construction sites.
In this case the job is the most serious and long-lasting because we are talking about capturing some construction works that are carried out during weeks, months or even years.

For this type of job to be carried out in the middle of construction sites, special equipment must be used – super well protected from the weather, to which we must provide non-stop electricity connection and, if the client wants, an internet connection in order to be able to watch live, from phone or computer, the images captured by the cameras.

Parcfilm takes pride in several such executions, either as “time lapse only” projects, either as sequences of larger films such as:
OMV / Petrom – Safety campaign
OMV / Petrom Polyfuels (the video opens directly at the time lapse).

A more sophisticated way of making a construction / building time lapse is called “hyperlapse” and it means that the camera is moving as we follow, in time, the evolution of the buliding. We made a test here.

So we are waiting for any thoughts you have with this particular kind of video production. We are here!