There was a time when we filmed quite often on the movie; for those who started to become acquainted with the industry only after 2010 those times seem like fairy tales, but they existed, for good! Where do I want to go with this story: in... Read more

Canon 5D, 6D, C100 and Panasonic AF100 comparative color & rolling shutter test

This is a test that, although filmed in December 2013, had to wait well over a year until it was edited and presented. A comforting formula is “better later than ever”; a euphemism for lazy The intention of doing this test comes... Read more

Test in Boracay: Gopro mounted on the kite strings

In the winter of 2015-2016, I spent more than three weeks in Boracay, perhaps the most famous island in the Philippines, mainly for the famous “White Beach” where Koreans, Chinese, Russians and Americans are always present... Read more

GoPro Hero FOV test: wide / medium / narrow

Well, this is not a huge test, it’s just a small thing I felt I needed to do. After a lot of playing and shooting stuff with all the generations of my GoPro cameras I felt I would get more technical on the subject so I tested to see what... Read more