Animation – Kinder/

    Story by Marks Marketing. Management,postproduction management, voice over tutorial: Tudor Hristescu Animation: Matei Neagoe Edit tutorial: Sergiu State Voice over TV spot: Andreea Margineanu

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Antena 1- Channel Id’s

  Client: Antena 1 Agency: Headvertising Director: Radu Muntean DOP: Tudor Lucaciu Executive producer: Razvan Cliza, Vlastimir Milanovic Producer: Tudor Hristescu, Parcfilm Shot on 16mm film

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AXE – Vila 69

        DoP: Marius Iacob. Producer: Tudor Hristescu, Parcfilm Camera: SONY Z1e. &nbsp

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ARDAF – for sunny days. 4 commercials in the same campaign.

We produced 4 commercials for ARDAF, as part of a campaign that stated that is better to smile than to worry. It was a time when clients used several spots, instead of one, to make a point. Out of the 4, this is the one we prefer. It was shot... Read more

Animation for Kinder – TV Commercial

A fun job, full of color and nice drawings: 10 seconds of animation for a Kinder TV commercial that you can see on the air these days. “In the happy city” is a platform where children can enroll and make drawings that will enter a contest; the... Read more