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Animation - Kinder/
Animation, Digital content, Portfolio
    Story by Marks Marketing. Management, postproduction management, voice over: Tudor Hristescu Animation: Matei Neagoe Video editing: Sergiu...
Antena 1- Channel Id's
Digital content, Portfolio, TV Shows
  Client: Antena 1 Agency: Headvertising Director: Radu Muntean DOP: Tudor Lucaciu Executive producer: Razvan Cliza, Vlastimir...
AXE - Vila 69
Digital content, Portfolio
        DoP: Marius Iacob. Producer: Tudor Hristescu, Parcfilm Camera: SONY...
Antena 1 - channel ID's
Blog, Our shootings' stories
A number of very nice and enjoyable jobs were the Antena1 tv channel ID series we made through Headvertising agency. The intention was to see the stars of Antena 1 (Pepe,...
Some sexy viral ads : AXE - Vila 69
Blog, Our shootings' stories
Perhaps one of the most "enjoyable" jobs I've ever had was when Ogilvy proposed us to shoot some sexy viral ads for the AXE client. The goal: to do something at the limit of...