Equipment rental prices

This is a list with Parcfilm’s equipments available for rental. The prices are in Euro, no VAT, for one day of rental. The minimum rental amount is 200 euro + VAT. For one week rental period we only charge 5 days. For more than 3 weeks... Read more

When Exarhu cooks, the world stops spinning around. Video recipes for drooling.

It’s true. No kidding. Every time I had to shot something with Razvan Exarhu, it was excruciating to stay behind the camera, while in front of me there were freezing wine glasses clinking and great food was cooked and, of course, eaten:)... Read more

Triathlon Series: the board game. The video.

The idea of promoting a Romanian start-up was always more than welcome at Parcfilm! Triathlon Series is a board game, produced 100% by a Romanian team. Design, concept, promotion, the whole package. Really cool. To make it short, in the game... Read more