RETAIL IQ Presetnation

Agency: Scriptmedia Directing, project manager: Tudor Hristescu Animation and artwork: Renata Balazs

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Animation – UNIQUA

Producer, project management: Tudor Hristescu Voice over: Tom Wilson Animation: Renata Balazs

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Avon Animation

  Client: AVON Agency: WOPAS Animation: Balazs Renata

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My Avon Training

Here is a simple animated film I made for AVON, for the purpose of internal communications. The film illustrates the steps that an “Avon train” takes in the form of a car trip in a city. The messages and the superiors are related... Read more

Explanatory films for UNIQA

One of the most complex projects of 2015 was a series of 6 animation films made for UNIQA. The films, dedicated to internal use, were to explain the principles of functioning and sale of health / life insurance and other related products... Read more

Product presentation film – RETAIL IQ

After a first successful collaboration with RBC – for which I made a case study at the “La Moldovan” store in Cluj – I received a new job, but a lot more difficult: a film for presenting a complex solution for retailers... Read more