A father-son experience turns into a TV commercial

“A father experience – son transformed into a TV spot” – I think it’s a fair title for the story of the Skoda Kodiaq spot.  In fact, this story should have two ramifications: the first would be to discuss how it... Read more

#robbieforgold – the video

Director: Tudor Hristescu DOP: Razvan Sima Producer: Tudor Hermeneanu Agency: Wearesports.ro – Andrei Velicu Dordea, Ruxandra Hristescu Client: Edenia Foods / Macromex Camera: Red Gemini Lens: Lomo anamorphotic

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#robbieforgold – the video

Parcfilm joined the #robbieforgold project together with Wearesports.ro / Scriptmedia in the summer of 2019, through a photo shoot that we told more about here. We then started the discussions for the campaign video shooting, whose scenario... Read more

Panasonic Google Assistant Speakers GA10 HiFi – Stereo Pairing

Director: Hypno DOP: Alexandru Dorobantu Edit: Andrei Balasoiu Production Manager: Andreea Tanase Agency: Flota // Ilinca Nanoveanu A Parcfilm production for Panasonic GmbH Germany

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Parcfilm equipment list

Below you can find a list of Parcfilm’s video / audio / photo production equipment. The equipment is available for our productions. Of course, if the specificity of the project requires it, we also use other equipment available on the... Read more

Carl Zeiss Lenses – the beauties and the beasts

There have been two and a half years (the first time we published this article was in January 2014) since the first time that we needed separate lenses for the camera we just bought back then – Panasonic AF100. We were just making the... Read more