People and tastes. A Staropramen image film.

By the end of the spring, Staropramen and V8 Interactive chose Parcfilm and Tudor Hristescu as the director to take care of a project, something more appealing than anything we had done in 2016: an image film for, an online... Read more

Skiing with the clouds – a holiday film with just an iPhone and a Gopro

This winter I set a new target for myself. Unlike the usual times (when I used to carry a lot of equipment for the holiday films I like to make whenever traveling to some nice place), this time the challenge was to create a film using the... Read more

Animated commercials for apps that help you call the cab

In 2013 we were contacted to make a presentation movie for an app called Star Taxi – the conventional app to call a cab. Step by step, though, it became a TV and cinema commercial: we condensed the message from a minute and something to 30... Read more