#robbieforgold – the video

Director: Tudor Hristescu DOP: Razvan Sima Producer: Tudor Hermeneanu Agency: Wearesports.ro – Andrei Velicu Dordea, Ruxandra Hristescu Client: Edenia Foods / Macromex Camera: Red Gemini Lens: Lomo anamorphotic

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Photo – #robbieforgold
Animation – Kinder/inorasulvesel.ro

    Story by Marks Marketing. Management,postproduction management, voice over tutorial: Tudor Hristescu Animation: Matei Neagoe Edit tutorial: Sergiu State Voice over TV spot: Andreea Margineanu

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Asphalt Freaks Stickers

  Producer: Marian Csosz. Director: Bogdan Moraru. DoP: Tudor Hristescu Editing: Ilinca Nanoveanu

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#robbieforgold – the video

Parcfilm joined the #robbieforgold project together with Wearesports.ro / Scriptmedia in the summer of 2019, through a photo shoot that we told more about here. We then started the discussions for the campaign video shooting, whose scenario... Read more

Photo session #glintaforgold

We’re talking about Robert Glinta, one the best Romanian swimmers at the moment, and “glintaforgold campaign powered by Edenia. Robert is training hard to obtain his golden dream – the gold medal at the 2020 Tokio Olympics... Read more

Animation for Kinder – Inorasulvesel.ro TV Commercial

A fun job, full of color and nice drawings: 10 seconds of animation for a Kinder TV commercial that you can see on the air these days. “In the happy city” is a platform where children can enroll and make drawings that will enter a contest; the... Read more

Asphalt Freaks – a startup campaign promotional video

The summer of 2015 found Parcfilm really busy with a lot of shootings, video making and editing. But one project was one of the special ones as we never made a startup campaign video before. What was it all about? “Asphalt Freaks”... Read more