Canon 5D, 6D, C100 and Panasonic AF100 comparative color & rolling shutter test

This is a test that, although filmed in December 2013, had to wait well over a year until it was edited and presented. A comforting formula is “better later than ever”; a euphemism for lazy The intention of doing this test comes... Read more

Parcfilm equipment list

Below you can find a list of Parcfilm’s video / audio / photo production equipment. The equipment is available for our productions. Of course, if the specificity of the project requires it, we also use other equipment available on the... Read more

SONY PXW FS7 Cameras

Starting with 2015, Parcfilm filled up the production & video acquisition area with two more cameras, that Sony just launched: PXW FS. Like any other people with a crush on video production, new equipment and launches, we were monitoring... Read more