Fan Courier – The small choices bring the big changes

TV Commercial for Fan Courier, Romania. A Parcfilm production 2019. Agency: The Marks Director: Germain Kanda DOP: Eduard Parvu Editor: Alexandru Capatoiu

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Skoda Koiaq Scout TVC
A father-son experience turns into a TV commercial

“A father experience – son transformed into a TV spot” – I think it’s a fair title for the story of the Skoda Kodiaq spot.  In fact, this story should have two ramifications: the first would be to discuss how it... Read more

#robbieforgold – the video

Director: Tudor Hristescu DOP: Razvan Sima Producer: Tudor Hermeneanu Agency: – Andrei Velicu Dordea, Ruxandra Hristescu Client: Edenia Foods / Macromex Camera: Red Gemini Lens: Lomo anamorphotic

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CIF – ”curata Romania”

    Shot on: Sony FS7, Canon 5D, Canon 6D. Tudor Hristescu (producer / director), Tudor Hermeneanu (director / production manager), Alexandru Popescu (DoP, camera op), Dorel Gnatiuc (DoP, camera op), Aurel Minulescu (production... Read more

Carturesti Ad

          Director / Producer: Tudor Hristescu Editing: Alexandru Capatoiu A Parcfilm production for V8 Interactive 2017

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Photo – #robbieforgold
Calendarul VEKA – 50 de ani

Produced by Parcfilm. Shot in București, România, 2017 Director: Alexandru Coteț DOP: Laurențiu Răducanu Agency: Mullen Lowe Producer: Răzvan Cliza production manager: Răzvan Macovei Post production: Animotion

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Plant Line – TVC

Produced by Parcfilm for UNILEVER Shot în Bucharest, Romania, 2019 Director: Martin Schmidt/ Joachim Berc DOP: Joachim Berc Editor: Alex Căpatoiu Agency: The HUB Partners/ Dinu Pănescu Parcfilm Producer: Tudor Hristescu/ Andreea Tănase... Read more

Qreator Qollection

    Shot on Sony FS7 with Carl Zeiss lenses. Producer: Andreea Tănase/ Parcfilm Director: Tudor Hristescu DOP: Dorel Gnatiuc (Victoria Finală)/ Răzvan Sima (Laura Olaru)

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