Photo session for Panasonic HC2020 Speakers

Photos: Balinth Hajagos Agency: Flota, producator Ilinca Nanoveanu Client: Panasonic Gmbh, Germany

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Photo session for Panasonic GA10 Speakers

Photos by Gin / Almost ready Agency: Flota, producator Ilinca Nanoveanu Client: Panasonic Gmbh / Germany

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Synevo – Invisible Doctors

A 2020 Parcfilm production for Headvertising / Synevo. Shot in Bucharest, Romania. Director: Tom Wilson DOP: Filip Bobo Producer: Tudor Hristescu Production Manager: Tudor Hermeneanu Editing: Alex Capatoiu VFX: Framebreed

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Time lapse projects

Parcfilm has been involved in many time-lapse projects along the way, meaning the capturing of long-lasting events through photos taken at smaller or larger intervals and then their editing in video sequences of just a few seconds. At first... Read more

Staropramen – People and tastes

Director / concept: Tudor Hristescu DOP: Andrei Oana Editing: Alexandru Capatoiu A Parcfilm production for V8 Interactive & Staropramen 2017

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Bucegi Mountains – a 4 seasons documentary

Script / Producer: Media One Director / DOP: Tudor Hristescu Editing: Tudor Chivulescu (spring), Emilian Floares (summer and autumn), George Oprea (winter)

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Fan Courier – The small choices bring the big changes

TV Commercial for Fan Courier, Romania. A Parcfilm production 2019. Agency: The Marks Director: Germain Kanda DOP: Eduard Parvu Editor: Alexandru Capatoiu

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There was a time when we filmed quite often on the movie; for those who started to become acquainted with the industry only after 2010 those times seem like fairy tales, but they existed, for good! Where do I want to go with this story: in... Read more

SONY FS7 with Zeiss lens set and accessories rental package

Parcfilm offers a production package for rent, consisting in Sony FS7 camera with all necessary equipments and a full set of Carl Zeiss primes, from 18 to 100 mm. For the full list of video equipments offered by Parcfilm for video / photo... Read more

Skoda Koiaq Scout TVC