There was a time when we filmed quite often on the movie; for those who started to become acquainted with the industry only after 2010 those times seem like fairy tales, but they existed, for good! Where do I want to go with this story: in... Read more

CIF – ”Curata Romania”

  Director: Mihai Bauman DoP: Liviu Pojoni Producer: Razvan Cliza Production management: Vlastimir Milanovic

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CIF – ”Curata Romania”

A great concept coming from Lowe: let’s take a tour of our home-land   Filming took place in Bucharest’s old town where we brought a new, vulture shapd statue The team: Director: Mihai Bauman DoP: Liviu Pojoni Producer: Razvan... Read more

People and tastes. A Staropramen image film.

By the end of the spring, Staropramen and V8 Interactive chose Parcfilm and Tudor Hristescu as the director to take care of a project, something more appealing than anything we had done in 2016: an image film for, an online... Read more