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Synevo - Invisible Doctors
Animation, Commercials
A 2020 Parcfilm production for Headvertising / Synevo. Shot in Bucharest, Romania. Director: Tom Wilson DOP: Filip Bobo Producer: Tudor Hristescu Production Manager: Tudor...
Stella Artois - "I am what I know to do"
Blog, Our shootings' stories
In the fall of 2017 Stella Artois, under the umbrella of the campaign "I am what I know" / I am what I know how to do, resorted to two well known names in the media landscape to...
Animation - Kinder/
Animation, Digital content, Portfolio
    Story by Marks Marketing. Management, postproduction management, voice over: Tudor Hristescu Animation: Matei Neagoe Video editing: Sergiu...
RETAIL IQ Presetnation
Animation, Corporate films, Digital content, Portfolio
Agency: Scriptmedia Directing, project manager: Tudor Hristescu Animation and artwork: Renata...
Animation - UNIQUA
Animation, Digital content, Portfolio
Producer, project management: Tudor Hristescu Voice over: Tom Wilson Animation: Renata...