Vlad Craioveanu & 5Gum

          supervising – Vasile Alboiu,Veronica Ciacoveanu, Alexandra Circiu, Miruna Dumitrescu. produce, director, camera op.r: Tudor Hristescu Andrei Oana – DoP & Shot on: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 6D... Read more

Digital content with  Vlad for 5GUM

Maybe the title sounds complicated but things are not so. In a March-April 2015 campaign, 5GUM launched a new site, 5adevarsauprovocare.ro . The site is based almost entirely on video content, which means that it is a site where almost... Read more

Wine & delicatessen – video content for MegaImage


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Wine & delicatessen – video content for MegaImage

MegaImage also opened at Parcfilm! And the year 2014 could not end more beautifully so In the last half of that cool year I had many days of filming for food and drinks productions. After two weeks of filming for the Vodafone Taste of Romania... Read more

People and tastes. A Staropramen image film.

By the end of the spring, Staropramen and V8 Interactive chose Parcfilm and Tudor Hristescu as the director to take care of a project, something more appealing than anything we had done in 2016: an image film for oamenisigusturi.ro, an online... Read more

Staropramen Masterchef. A tasty commercial.

Shortly after finishing shooting the delicious recipes for Vodafone app Taste of Romania Vodafone Taste of Romania (link to Google Play) a new cooking project came along: a TV spot for Staropramen. The commercial would have been broadcast... Read more