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Stella Artois - "I am what I know to do"
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In the fall of 2017 Stella Artois, under the umbrella of the campaign "I am what I know" / I am what I know how to do, resorted to two well known names in the media landscape to...
Vlad Craioveanu & 5Gum
Our shootings' stories
          Agency: Senior Hyper - Vasile Alboiu, Veronica Ciacoveanu, Alexandra Circiu, Miruna Dumitrescu. Producer,...
Digital content with Vlad for 5GUM
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Maybe the title sounds complicated but things are not so. In a March-April 2015 campaign, 5GUM launched a new site, . The site is based almost entirely...
Piatra Online - presentation film
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Along the invitation to make a presentation movie for Piatra Online, we were also invited to see the showroom of this mega stone distributor.  From where I thought it would be...