România Educată – A presidential project


The year 2018 marks the beginning of the partnership between Parcfilm and Graffiti PR. This collaboration started directly with a mega ambitious project whose final client was the Presidential Administration.

When you know you’re working for such a client you’re trying to do the most of it. The project for which we were commissioned – “România Educată” – represents an important milestone in the national educational system. The tutor of this project is Klaus Iohannis and managed by the Presidential Administration.

At a time when winter and below-zero temperatures were fast approaching it was a real challenge to make outdoor shots for the movie. And 2 shots out of 3 were for outdoor.

The plot of the movie that we did goes like this:

In first sequence of the material you can see a sad girl near the seashore. Disoriented and ready to give up education – we can see her holding some notebooks in her arms. In the second sequence there is a boy, older than the girl, holding a passport in his hands and preparing to leave the country.

For the sea sequence we wanted the girl to be on a dam next to a beacon and the one with the boy near a towering tree.

So here we are, at the beginning of December, on a dam in Mangalia near the old “Genovese” lighthouse; in a place where, besides the cool breeze of December, we also had a wind-blower. The young adolescent who interpreted the role in our material was constantly frozen so we took care of her with tea and lots of heat breaks in the car.

Next day we filmed the sequence with the boy in the Botanical Garden in Bucharest. Meanwhile, snow had fallen, but in the end it was a clip for a campaign to be launched in the winter and, anyway, what could we do? We did not had budget to shot the spot in Greece :)

Another challenge was to fill a room with people, which was done through the hard work of the costume and post-production department. The costume changed clothes to the same people who were moved from one place to another, and then the composing of the final frame was made in the post production.

It was a honor to have Victor Rebengiuc in the studio to record his voice at a time when Moromeții 2 just went out on the big screens. What we talked about the movie is a secret, of course :).

Another important moment was filming with Oana Pellea, Mihai Șora, Andreea Răducanu and Tom – the future of education :)

Did the customer liked the video?

We were invited to the Cotroceni Palace on the launch of the program “România Educată” for shaking hands with the President Iohannis. Let’s see a truly educated Romania, hopefully, in about 20 years. Godspeed! Because the people that are educated and still in Romania must remain here and build a brighter future.

camera sony fs7 pe digul cu far genovez mangalia

Agency: Graffiti PR – Cristina Petcu, Paul Kasprovski
Production house – Parcfilm, producer Răzvan Cliza, production coordinator Anastasia Coda
Director – Tudor Hristescu
DOP – Răzvan Sima
Editor – Alexandru Căpatoiu
Camera: SONY FS7, lenses Carl Zeiss CP.3