Qreator Qollection

We have recently made a series of video materials for Ogilvy/ Hogwarth & IQOS on the Qreator Qollection project.

You could say it’s a series of micro-documentaries. When the video length is one minute, it’s hard to say that is a documentary, so let’s call it “video portraits.” These materials describe a series of collections: objects, in limited series, made by Romanian designers. These collection once made are displayed in the Qreator house, in a place of honor.

The production of these materials has made us meet interesting people; The Romanian artisans and designers, in whose workshops we spent many hours looking for beautiful details, to tell the story of their ideas and the way they put them into practice.



These materials were shoot with Sony FS7 and Carl Zeiss lenses.

Producer: Andreea Tănase/ Parcfilm
Director: Tudor Hristescu
DOP: Dorel Gnatiuc (Victoria Finală)/ Răzvan Sima (Laura Olaru)