Patria Bank TVC

He’s a good guy and, honestly, he cooks better :)

Here is another TV advertisement that came in the glove on the profile of documentary / content filmmaking that we love so much. In fact the job came with precise indications: “we have for you a fixed advertisement on the profile of Hristescu” :)

It’s always cool when a project comes to you that targets you directly; what he probably recommended to me were genre projects, such asfilmul de imagine pentru sau documentarele pentru Julius Meinl sau portrete de genul celui facut pentru Chef D’Artagnan.

Ok, so “what can we do for the Fatherland?” – I do not refrain from paraphrasing one of the versions of the advertisement (because yes, after filming I had about 9 declinations of the main spot). Well some beautiful portraits :)

So was the brief: “we want to surprise normal people by doing the normal things that Romanians do.” And from here we started the search, starting from the center of Bucharest and up to the neighboring villages, looking after PEOPLE. As in Aurelian Andreescu’s play on the spot.

People who cultivate the land, people who sell at the kiosk, people who work in factories, workshops, laundries, hairdressers, florists, offices or simply retirees.

The long, 60-second version of the story is here:

And for TV:


Shot onSony FS7 using a Carl Zeiss Primes set.
Agency: GMP
Director / DoP / Producer: Tudor Hristescu
Coloring: Alexandru Mihai
Location scout: Denis Boerescu
Production assistant: Cosmin Dogaru
Editing: Alexandru Capatoiu
Music: Aurelian Andreescu – Oameni
Voice over: Marcelo Cobzariu