People and tastes. A Staropramen image film.

By the end of the spring, Staropramen and V8 Interactive chose Parcfilm and Tudor Hristescu as the director to take care of a project, something more appealing than anything we had done in 2016: an image film for, an online cultural platform.

Our image movie was meant to cover all the areas that the platform would have to talk about: music, film, theater, dance, photography, painting, books and food. All good, but how can we do this in just two minutes? Well, long story short here is how! (The rest of the story, how did we film, where and what did we see, further below):


The city and the people, their tastes and their cultural dispositions, all in the same place, but without investing too many hours on one subject or spending too much time in one city. This is what we wanted to do.


We shot a lot – over ten days in Bucharest, Cluj and Sibiu. Many of them meant, during the edit, just small pieces of a timelapse that you probably won’t notice during a first viewing. Waking up at 4-5 o’clock in the morning, sunrises, drones put up in the air at sunset, waiting for days for puffy clouds – all that wraps up what how we tried to speak about the beauty of these cities.


A view from an old school's attic in Sibiu - Fagaras mountains covered in snow in the background

A view from an old school’s attic in Sibiu – Fagaras mountains covered in snow in the background


One of the most beautiful places we visited was the attic of a school in Sibiu. There, after opening a tiny window and removing some wire net, we managed to shot some nice timelapses with the sunset over the city and over Fagars Mountains, covered in snow. To be able to cover all possible angles, we used five cameras at the same time, in different directions and framings: Nikon D5, 2 x Canon 5D, Canon 6D, Panasonic GH2 + some Lee filters.

Emilian Floares la aparat, se bucura de priveliste :)

Emilian Floares enjoying the view :)

O frumoasa gramajoara de aparate

A nice bundle of cameras

Sibiu, a view over the old town.

Sibiu, view over the old town.


Waiting near all these cameras is like spending time near a really complex mechanism: it ticks at equal seconds for each camera, it’s like music!

As for the sunrises, this is always more complicated, because you need to get up:) But once we’re there, up on the hill or on the mountain, you really enjoy those quite moments: it’s magic watching the sun slowly rising. The birds sing, the leaves become greener and greener and when the sun is finally up, everything is so beautiful that, at the editing, you feel like showing around each small detail – look how that house brightens, look how nicely comes the sun after that building, look at this, look at that. Unfortunately, you can never do this, we only use 2-3 seconds, just to create the atmosphere.

In Sibiu, the waking up deal was easily solved: we had a room with a magnificent view over the Big Square; we left the cameras on the window frame and set the external trigger at 5 o’clock in the morning. At 8-9 o’clock when I woke up, I just had to retrieve the cameras. I also made the photo below. This is a good moment to use the lens-heaters! The only nasty surprise was when I watched one of the timelapses and noticed that the camera fell a little and the frame change badly. Somehow it came back, stable and it was all good. I thought it maybe was a pigeon. I put it under X files and moved on!

Piata mare din Sibiu, primele ore ale diminetii.

Big Square in Sibiu, the first hours in the morning. 

5:30 AM. Catedrala din Cluj, in centrul imaginii, asteptand sa fie luminata de soare.

5:30 AM. Cluj Cathedral in the middle, waiting to be brightened by the sun

Trei aparate stau la panda in Cluj pentru rasaritul de soare.

Three cameras waiting for the sunrise in Cluj. 


All the places we visited were beautiful, but even more beautiful was meeting lots of nice people.

Let’s start with Bucharest, the city we left and where we came back to. One of the friendliest locations was Carturesti – Carusel in the old part of the city. We’re talking about a place with a memorable visual imprint, where Anca Danila welcomed us and showed us all kinds of beautiful places. We also have to thank Iza Diaconescu for having patience and starring in our movie.

Suzana Dan is another wonderful person we have to thank. Her studio, close to Amzei Market, welcomed us during a hot afternoon; that’s the place with all the brushes and painting gear in the movie.

The National Theatre of Bucharest was also an important point. This is where we managed to shot with the help of Andreea Nae, that helped us visit every little corner of the big building, sometimes during rehearsals, too!

But Bucharest wasn’t just about culture! We will never forget the savory sandwiches of Peste Paine that we enjoyed over a glass of wine. Let’s not forget the ones d’Artagnan arranged for us!

Still in Bucharest, we need to thank National Dance Center and more specifically to Andreea Capitanescu and Alexandra Dancz, that let us be part pf the rehearsals and use footage filmed during the dance shows.

At Cafe Godot we got the ok to go thanks to George Remes. It’s a pity we had to shot and not sit comfortably and watch the play!

The second city important in our movie was Sibiu. Here we had a super guide on the bicycle – Cornel Mosneag. He played the role of a photographer that walks around Sibiu looking for beautiful places to capture. Actually, Cornel really is a photographer!

We spent an entire day at the Ballet Theatre in Sibiu. Mihai Zugravu was our guide here, among talented and beautiful people.

From Sibiu we traveled further to Cluj. There we shot the Jazz in the street festival and got lost on the streets looking for bands playing the in the nicest corners. Corina Brandusean was the connection to all the singers that we shot – we thank her once more!

Leaving aside all the names we mentioned, you have to know that we talked to many many more, people that offered advice, helped or were supposed to become part of our film, but it didn’t happen in the end. I need to thank them too!

The concept of the movie was made by Tudor Hristescu, that was also the director (for the aerial shootings and timelapses also). Besides him was Andrei Oana, asa cameraman, and Alexandru Mihai. The magic edit was done by Alexandru Capatoiu.

Agency: V8 Interactive // Corina Angearu // Ana Maria Dutu.
Client: Staropramen