J&B – The Big Blender

About the very cool campaign with J&B song mixes everyone knows. This summer, however, the brand and The Hub Partners have taken the whole story to another level.

In the beginning, when it came to budgeting at Parcfilm a project where we had to throw from a plane, from a few thousand meters high, a huge blender and film it while it is stirring in the air of various sky, It seemed to me a joke that will never be realized.

That kind of project that is proposed to the client and will never pass because of the budget; So they will say “let’s see how much it costs” and, next thing, we find that we have the green to manufacture huge blenders and to rent for a day the entire TNT Brothers team from Clinceni.

The shooting day was divided in two: the first half – full of perspiration and cramping – as we filmed inside the plane. The second half – clear sky and plenty of air, thousands of meters of air through which the skydivers turned the blender and looked for the best ways to get filmed during this time. Because the ground theories in which we explained what shooting angles and camera movements we wanted did not match the real possibilities, in free fall with a blender of about 30kg hung by one of them.

After about five repetitions of the jump we got all the doubles we needed and went to the assembly.

What came out is this:


DHappily, ther’s also a making of :)


Agency: The HUB. Partners // Dinu Panescu
Producer: Razvan Cliza
Director: Tudor Hristescu
DoP: Laurentiu Raducanu
Shot on Sony FS7, Gopro Hero 4&5.