People and tastes. A Staropramen image film.

By the end of the spring, Staropramen and V8 Interactive chose Parcfilm and Tudor Hristescu as the director to take care of a project, something more appealing than anything we had done in 2016: an image film for, an online... Read more

Days and nights in Paros. Some Holiday Timelapses

This film includes some timelapses I made during my vacation in Paros, Greece, July 2013, between kiteboarding and swimming I had just bought the 150mm slider from Konova together with a timelapse motor 721:1 and I was so curious to see how it... Read more

Skiing with the clouds – a holiday film with just an iPhone and a Gopro

This winter I set a new target for myself. Unlike the usual times (when I used to carry a lot of equipment for the holiday films I like to make whenever traveling to some nice place), this time the challenge was to create a film using the... Read more

Taking the drone on Transfagarasan

A view from up above can drastically change the perspective on the roads you traveled so many times. During the summer of 2015 we were getting back from Sibiu (where we did some epic aerial filming – more on this in a new article). We... Read more