Qreator Qollection

We have recently made a series of video materials for Ogilvy/ Hogwarth & IQOS on the Qreator Qollection project. You could say it’s a series of micro-documentaries. When the video length is one minute, it’s hard to say that is... Read more

SONY PXW FS7 Cameras

Starting with 2015, Parcfilm filled up the production & video acquisition area with two more cameras, that Sony just launched: PXW FS. Like any other people with a crush on video production, new equipment and launches, we were monitoring... Read more

Color and rolling shutter test Canon 5D, 6D, C100 and Panasonic AF100

This is a test I’ve been planning to edit for a really long time, as it was shot in December 2013, but edited only in March 2013:) Well, better later than never. So, where it all started from: back then I used to own different cameras... Read more

Taking the drone on Transfagarasan

A view from up above can drastically change the perspective on the roads you traveled so many times. During the summer of 2015 we were getting back from Sibiu (where we did some epic aerial filming – more on this in a new article). We... Read more

How I lost and found my GoPro camera while kiteboarding

The summer of 2012 was just another summer for kiteboarding One of the favourite destinations for Romanian kiteboarders and windsurfers is Gokceada, a Turkish island where you can get in just one day driving from Bucharest and where you can... Read more