Time lapse projects

Parcfilm has been involved in many time-lapse projects along the way, meaning the capturing of long-lasting events through photos taken at smaller or larger intervals and then their editing in video sequences of just a few seconds. At first... Read more

A father-son experience turns into a TV commercial

“A father experience – son transformed into a TV spot” – I think it’s a fair title for the story of the Skoda Kodiaq spot.  In fact, this story should have two ramifications: the first would be to discuss how it... Read more

Audi Talks: Tudor Chirila and Lucian Boia

In 2016 Audi launched an interesting project in Romania – “Audi Talks”, in which Tudor Chirila is talking to a guest, and the result of their meeting turns into an assembly of the most relevant parts of the conversation. The... Read more

Slow Motion – Vama

What you will see here is the first use in Romania of the new Phantom 4K GS camera capable of shooting at 4K resolution up to 1000 frames per second. Cool, right? It all started from a discussion with Tudor Chirila who was talking about the... Read more

Stella Artois – “Sunt ceea ce stiu sa fac”

In the fall of 2017 Stella Artois, under the umbrella of the campaign “I am what I know” / I am what I know how to do, resorted to two well known names in the media landscape to paint his artistic manifesto in the context of the... Read more

Patria Bank TVC

He’s a good guy and, honestly, he cooks better Here is another TV advertisement that came in the glove on the profile of documentary / content filmmaking that we love so much. In fact the job came with precise indications: “we have... Read more

CIF – ”Curata Romania”

A great concept coming from Lowe: let’s take a tour of our home-land   Filming took place in Bucharest’s old town where we brought a new, vulture shapd statue The team: Director: Mihai Bauman DoP: Liviu Pojoni Producer: Razvan... Read more

Chef Alex Petricean (D’Artagnan). Videoportrait.

I met Alex during the filming of the platform presentation film oamenisigusturi.ro. He’s the guy you see in the moviede aici la minutul 2:07 He’s a good guy and, honestly, he cooks better In a series of videos “Staropramen... Read more

J&B – The Big Blender

About the very cool campaign with J&B song mixes everyone knows. This summer, however, the brand and The Hub Partners have taken the whole story to another level. In the beginning, when it came to budgeting at Parcfilm a project where we... Read more

Tudor Giurgiu. Video-portrait

I have known Tudor Giurgiu for a long time, since 1997, when we met on the occasion of what was to be the first music television in Romania, Atomic TV, where we worked together for a while. Because of this, 20 years later, I would have many... Read more